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Who We Are

LanceSoft Engineering is a cutting edge Technology based Consulting & Sourcing Services and System Integration Company. We combine our in-depth technology knowledgebase, core engineering and technology skills, proven methodologies, the best practices and the best-of-breed professionals to maximize ROI on our client’s business projects.

Our product & services development capabilities and partnerships with the leading technology companies give us an edge in expertise and in our ability to deliver enterprise class technology solutions in all the relevant areas of our business services. We thrive on delivering managed services, solutions and products by intelligent application of current and emerging technologies.

We work on cost-quality-time matrix to provide end-to-end solutions to the technology driven businesses across the globe with a perfectly balanced blend of experience, commitment, innovation and personal service to deliver professional and substantially remarkable results in Engineering and Manufacturing Services as well as Project Consulting and Outsourcing, which have made us evolve as an Enterprise Consulting Associate.


Product Development

We are engineering & technology based consulting & sourcing services and system integration company, having18 years’ of experience.

Simulation & Optimization

Using advances in technology has enabled engineers to substantiate equipment and process designs at progressively earlier stages.

Engineering Verification, Validation & Testing

Design verification and validation is an important phase in the design and production cycle of every product.

Detailed Engineering

Detailed design and engineering follows a process which entails conceptual design, embodiment design & detail design.

Value Analysis & Value Engineering

Value Engineering (VE) is concerned with new products. It is applied during product development. The focus is on reducing costs.

Manufacturing Support

Manufacturing engineering discipline is transitioning through very competitive era dealing with various hi-tech manufacturing sciences .

Aftersales Services

Today’s business world operates in a highly customer oriented service-centric manner. Timely access to technical.

Digitalization & Documentation

In this modern engineering era even nowmost of the organization still using boards to design their products.

Reverse & Re-Engineering

Modern engineering era is passing through continual advancement that has never been. At the same time it is also facing several challenges.

Engg. Software Development

Software development and existing software customization has become a key business characteristic for the commercial success.

Technology Training

We are aware of the emerging technology business domains -and remain updated to the cutting edge advance technology.

Contingent Staffing

We are industry experts in strategically identifying contingent talent across multiple job categories. We have in-depth domain knowledge.

Latest News

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By 2025, there may be as many as 1 million electric-powered vehicles on roads and highways in countries like India & United States. That’s the target set by countries like India & America in their 2011 State of the Union address.

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Health Care

Anticipating a move into a new healthcare simulation center is an exciting time for program directors and educators. At the same time, it is also riddled with many decisions, unanswered questions and unknown factors.

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Hitech Industries

To maximize value from the opportunities presented by the Internet of Things (IoT), high tech companies are reimagining business models and driving new initiatives aligned with their business strategies. Analytics plays a defining role in IoT strategy development.

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Our Values

Excellence in service

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Data integrity

Customer centric

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