VR, AR, MR, IR, IOT, IIOT, M2M, Big Data & AI

“Accelerate your day-to-day operations and drive increased productivity with the reality technologies”

Virtual, augmented, mixed and implanted reality technologies are evolving so rapidly that their expansion goes far beyond the entertainment sector. VR/AR/MR/IR are offering an immersive environment and diverse opportunities, starting from consumer engagement to the optimization of complex work processes. And, we can help you embrace the benefits for your business.

Increase engagement and accelerate sales

Boost customer satisfaction and reach up to 20% of sales, enabling your audience to interact virtually with your products and services before purchase. Our Engineering team helps the client to design realistic virtual demos to create an ultimate “try before you buy” experience for your customers.

Streamline work processes

Boost employees’ productivity with hands-free headsets and real-time technologies. Automate the workflow in a trade house, assembly-line, inventory monitoring and warehouse logistics, providing workers with smart VR/AR/MR/IR applications tailored to streamline their workflows and daily tasks.

Save costs on production

Facilitate the manufacturing process, saving costs and time on testing and modelling products with VR/AR/MR/IR technology. Check if new parts suit the whole construction, choose a right location for equipment using a digital map or manipulate a design in a virtual environment on-the-spot and in real-time.

Augment collaboration strategies

Accelerate the effectiveness of a conference, augmenting face-to-face communication with VR/AR/MR/IR services. Holograms of co-workers, clients or employers present at a scheduled meeting can significantly reduce expenses on business trips, orchestrate cooperation strategies and engage workers.


The Internet of Things (IoT) offers the potential to exchange information and insights in real time, across a connected network. It utilizes cost-effective, low power sensors to effectively track and transmit monitored parameters for analysis, to drive timely decision making. As organizations across industries begin to reorient their business models to realize the IoT potential, the need for engineering support is on the rise.

Our M2M wireless network services can serve to improve the production and efficiency of machines, to enhance the reliability and safety of complex systems, and to promote the life-cycle management for key assets and products. And, by applying Prognostic and Health Management (PHM) techniques in machine networks, the following goals can be achieved or improved:

  • Near-zero downtime performance of machines and system;
  • Health management of a fleet of similar machines.

Our services offerings in application development of intelligent analysis tools and Device-to-Business (D2B) informatics platform form the basis of e-maintenance machine network that can lead to near-zero downtime performance of machines and systems. While, our e-maintenance machine network services provide integration between the factory floor system and e-business system, and thus enables the real time decision making in terms of near-zero downtime, reducing uncertainties and improved system performance. In real application, our synchronization services will provide connection with other departments at the decision making level, like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relation Management (CRM) and Supply Chain Management (SCM).

Our Engineering Services for the Internet of Things empowers companies to design and deploy IoT solutions including:

  • Connected cars and transport solutions and services—we utilize internet-enabled systems and wireless technologies for a safe driving experience.
  • Connected health solutions—we support Continua-compliant medical devices, aggregating data from fitness wearables and uploading it to electronic records.
  • Energy management solutions—we provide energy management as a service including enterprise segmentation of energy, budget forecasting, sourcing opportunities, and asset level segmentation.
  • Asset performance management solutions—we offer a product-agnostic convergence framework to integrate IT and OT systems.
  • Manufacturing transformation (Industry 4.0) solution—we offer consulting and engineering services to establish digitized and connected manufacturing processes.


  • Reduce costs and optimize operations
  • Develop superior next-generation products
  • Improve customer experiences
  • Enhance return on investment
  • Reduce errors and improve quality

Big Data & AI

Our research and development team is working big time on Big Data and AI techniques andhow humans can fully utilize its potential and benefits. In that regard, we have developed our unique methodology to help you to define your Big Data strategy and select appropriate AI technologies and vendors based on your requirements and budget. However, many companies in the artificial intelligence space continue to work in the areas of procedural automation, capturing expert knowledge in a machine-readable format, and then automating the execution of these complex but repetitive tasks. But, we are focused on how new technologies – combined with a team of artificial intelligence specialists – can deliver enhanced value by enabling companies to work on complex cognitive tasks. These tasks address issues that technology systems have previously been unable to solve.

In continuation to above regard, we have deployed several systems that replicate human decision-making in areas such as financial service regulation and ticketing of IT issues, thus enabling productivity improvements by up to 40 percent and saving customers millions of dollars annually.

In addition to this, we are also working with couple of our global clients to use artificial intelligence to address business challenges, such as where enterprises need artificial intelligence for complex modelling of a problem based on a detailed understanding of the existing business processes and wider business challenges.

We offer vendor-neutral, unbiased recommendations based on your real business needs. Our professional consultants combine technology expertise with business domain knowledge to help you to evaluate commercial product vendors and open source options.

We can help you to

Identify your business goals and establish business requirements, Identify the right technology framework, architecture patterns, tools, product development life cycle best practices, languages, and more, define a Big Data roadmap & AI Strategies that will enable you to get the most of your existing investments, evaluate technologies and vendors based on weighted scoring against your objectives.

Architecture and Design

We have an extensive architecture and design experience and expertise. We create architectures that are extensible, maintainable, adaptable to change, and portable to different environments.

Our architecture advisory services provide you with sound advice based on years of experience. We have developed everything from performance-tuned clusters to fully-integrated suites of technologies that include ETL, NoSQL data stores, MPP-based data warehouses, CEP engines, workflow engines, and visualization.