Automotive & Transportation

The Automotive Research and Development has never been as active as it is today. In fact, the Automotive sector is experiencing one of the largest innovative technology transitions in the history of Automotive industry, and not just through one technology, but through multiple technologies in a very short period, i.e. within 2025 to 2030. The eagerness of the entire auto OEM is that nobody knows in which direction this disruptive technology trend is moving, and very importantly, they are also unable to decide in which direction they should be moving, so that they can keep their business intact and growing.

In considerations with above discussion, to a common extent, it has been observed that, the entire auto OEM is moving towards the collective direction of electrification and softwarization. And hence, it has been witnessed that, in today’s modern vehicles the mobility feature requirements are increasing day-by-day broadly ranging from Comprehensive Safety & Security, High Degree of Comfort, Low Energy Consumption, and Minimal Pollutant Emission, and therefore the Automotive industry is shifting in new directions towards Lightweight, Miniaturization, Intelligence and Electrification.

It is similar in the case of other transportation means such as Rail, Ship and Aircraft transportation. In fact, every transportation industry is passing through these disruptive technology transitions in the similar direction as Automotive.

In due consideration, we have developed skills and expertise in offering following Automotive R & D Solutions & Services:

Safety, Security & Integrated Mobility: Impending Transportation; Emerging Technology and Artificial intelligence (AI); ); Smart Driving Vehicle Technology; Intelligence transportation system - Integrated safety & technology; Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Driver Assist Solutions & Readiness for Autonomous, System & Controls Development, Validation Solutions (Bench & Field Testing), ADAS algorithms, Safe and efficient drive; Big Data Analytics for Intelligent Transportation, Camera based System Engineering, Multi Core Process Development, AUTOSAR / Functional Safety, White-Box Solutions, Cyber Security, Semiconductor, Hardware & Stakes, Security & Safety, Cooling, EMI/EMC, Electronic Stability Program (ESP); Transmission assembly NVH; Telematics

Sustainable propulsion: Hybrid and Automotive Powertrain; EV- Motors, VFDs, Stacks & Controllers, Future commutation; Electrical &Battery-operated vehicles; Clean and energy-efficient; Hydrogen fuel; Lithium polymer battery; Engine-Efficiency and Emissions Control; Impact on existing ICE vehicles; Smart, Green and Integrated Transport; Smart grid and V2G; Robust DOE; Efficient Dynamics etc

Affordability & Competitiveness: Alternative material - Strong, Rigid, Safer as well as light-weight; 3D Printing; New techniques in design & manufacturing; MOD; Innovation in Automotive - Competing globally; Tire Technology; Virtual System Prototyping (VSP) etc

Industrial IoT & Industry 4.0: A Virtual Reality, Augmented reality; Digitization and Evolving technologies; Cognitive manufacturing; CPS- Revolutionizing Industry 4.0; Smart infrastructure integration; V2X - Vehicle to everything; Digital revolution, Automotive IOT, Fast prototyping with Arduino, 3D printing, Industry 4.0 Solutions, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligence & Decision Making, Cloud.

Service offerings

New Product Development

  • Product Ideation
  • Concept Generation
  • Concept Feasibility Study
  • Product Packaging, Interface & Integration
  • Design Development
  • Digital Mock-Up (DMU)
  • Ergonomics Study
  • Product Virtual Validation
  • Prototyping & Testing

Product Optimization Support

  • Component Optimization (Thickness/Topology/Topography)
  • Body Optimization and Sensitivity Study
  • Field Failure Redesign
  • Value Analysis & Value Engineering
  • Part Reduction
  • Weight Reduction
  • Modular Design
  • Product Localization
  • Indigenization
  • Waste Identification & Elimination
  • Process Cycle Time Reduction
  • Reverse & Re-Engineering
  • Performance Improvement

Engineering Data Management

  • Parametric modeling
  • Engineering documentation
  • Product Data Management (PDM)
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)migration
  • Product Design Change Management
  • Global Product Standardization
  • Legacy Data Conversion
  • Drawing Standardization
  • Product Lifecycle Management Support
  • Technical Publication
  • Release Management, Engineering Change Notice (ECN)
  • Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE)

CAE / FEA Simulations

  • Static Simulation
  • Dynamic Simulation
  • Linear Simulation
  • Non-Linear Simulation
  • Structural Simulation
  • Fatigue & Durability Simulation
  • Vibration Simulation
  • Crash & Impact Simulations
  • Multibody Dynamics Kinematics Simulation
  • Thermal Management (1-D,3-D)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Injection Molding Simulation
  • Sheet Metal Forming Simulation
  • Optimization Studies
  • Virtual Testing Methods Development

Durability & Fatigue

  • Static Local/Global Stiffness Analysis (Sub-System Level)
  • Strength Calculation (Load/Pressure Bearing Limit)
  • Self-Weight & Inertia Relief Analysis
  • Non-Linear Static Stress Analysis
  • Vibration Endurance Test (Time Domain)
  • Component Level Fatigue Calculation Based on Derived Loads
  • Thermal Analysis & Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue
  • Local/Global Stiffness Calculation on BIW Or Chassis
  • Static & Fatigue Load Analysis Based On RLDA

Lighting Simulation

  • CFD Simulations
  • Heat Transfer, Pressure Drop
  • Dew Drop Formation
  • Vibration Simulation
  • Static Strength Simulation
  • Manufacturing Simulations (Plastic Flow – Moldflow)

Noise & Vibration

  • Natural Frequency Analysis
  • Resonance Detection Test (Frequency Domain)
  • Vibration Endurance Test (Time Domain)
  • Random Vibration Test
  • Vibration Analysis as Per JIS D 1601 Or as Per OEM Specific Test Cycles
  • Point Mobility & Tactile Response Analysis On BIW
  • Noise (SPL) Calculation for A Vibrating System

CFD Simulation

  • Fluid Flow Study
  • Heat Transfer Study
  • Pressure Drop Study
  • Dew Drop Formation Study
  • Chemical Reaction Study
  • Combustion Study
  • Multiphase & Multi-stream Study
  • Particle, Droplets, Bubble Flow Study
  • Internal Flow Analysis (Ducts), Flow Mixing, Temperature Distribution
  • External Aerodynamics: Low Speed Wind Tunnel Test
  • Calculation of Drag/Friction Coefficients
  • Prediction of Eddies / Vortex Formation Downstream
  • In-Cabin CFD For Temperature Mapping
  • Vehicle Thermal Management 1D Simulation
  • Manufacturing Simulations (Plastic Moldflow, Stamping, Casting)
  • Interior Head Impact
  • Head Restraints
  • Seat Mounting Strength
  • Frontal Pendulum Impact
  • Roof crush / Roof Strength
  • Static Bus Rollover
  • ROPS / FOPS/OPG Analysis
  • ALE simulation
  • Durability and NVH Simulation
  • Optimization Study
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Transportation Forecasting
  • Transportation Planning
  • Heuristic Routing
  • Intelligent Signaling
  • Individual Mobility
  • Intelligent Transportation System
  • Interplanetary Transport Network
  • Principles of Intelligent Urbanism
  • Space Syntax
  • Metallic & Non-Metallic Part Manufacturing
  • Sub-Assembly & Assembly Manufacturing
  • Mechanical & Pneumatic System Manufacturing
  • Hydraulic System Manufacturing
  • Electric & Electronic System Manufacturing
  • Tools & Dies Manufacturing
  • Stamping Tools Manufacturing
  • Casting & Forging Tools Manufacturing
  • Casting, Forging & Mould Manufacturing
  • Plastic Mould Manufacturing
  • Tools for Composites Manufacturing
  • Jigs & Fixture Manufacturing
  • Sheet Metal Manufacturing
  • SPM & GPM Manufacturing
  • Component Maintenance Manuals (CMM)
  • Cleaning, Inspection & Repair Manuals (CIR)
  • Service Bulletins (SB)
  • Troubleshooting Manuals
  • Structure Repair Manuals
  • Service Bulletins
  • Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC) and Supplementary IPC
  • Engineering Change Management
  • Technical Publications
  • Component Maintenance Manuals