Hitech & Embedded System

In this cutting-edge competitive world the companies in the global high tech industry are competing against each other to increase their market presence while continuing to face challenges like slim operating margins, high capital expenditure, shortening product lifecycle and managing a global supply chain. Nevertheless, high-tech manufacturers are trying to overcome these challenges through innovations, launching new products and services, forging new partnerships, and acquiring new capabilities through mergers and acquisitions. Despite rapid change, the industry is poised to grow in the future fuelled by factors like price erosion, higher per capita income and consumer attachments to high-tech wearable, smart devices & implants such as iPads, tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices, along with connected cars to smart farming and digital aviation to smart buildings, the high-tech and manufacturing sectors are at crossroads on their journey to the new digital revolution.

We provide our engineering services to high tech industry by shifting focus from manufacturing products to creating solutions and implementing in a global outlook scenario, and fast-track research and development and capability building in associated areas such as Semiconductor, Embedded System & Communications System Design & Development which primarily includes - systems architecture & design capture for Electronic Systems, VLSI, ASICS, SOC, Power Electronic Systems, IGBTs, Stacks, VFDs, Electrical Systems, Machines, Controller, RF & HF Systems, Communication Systems, Antenna, PCB layout Design, Design Analysis (Signal Integrity Analysis, Power Integrity Analysis, EMI/EMC analysis, Thermal Analysis, Reliability analysis), Embedded software development and Electronic manufacturing Services (PCB Fabrication, ESDM, 3-D Printing, PCB assembly and Testing) for Engineering prototypes and production.

Our domain expertise in Engineering Printed Circuit board design and development, FPGA Design, Embedded Software and electronic manufacturing gives us an edge over any other company. Our success is due to a combination of engineering excellence, best engineering practices and strong relationships with customers.

We help OEM and Tier-I to cost effectively upgrade platform technologies, build modern functionality including connected or autonomous vehicle features, and address new markets through product customization, connecting the eco-system through applications developed for handhelds and innovation.

Our product development capabilities comprise hardware design, firmware, middleware, embedded applications, user interface and experience, and mechanical design services. Equipped with vast expertise and experience, we have strong understanding of the elements of the product development life cycle from proof of concept, feasibility studies, architecture and design, hardware design and development, embedded software design and development, to UI/UX, as well as pre-certification and certification support.

Service offerings

  • Mechanical Parts & Systems
  • Electrical Systems, Machines, VFDs, IGBTs, Stacks & Controller
  • Electronic Systems, VLSI, ASICS, SOC, PCB, Antenna, Controller, RF & Microwave Products
  • Part Molds, Stamping Tools & Casting Dies
  • Tools, Dies, Jigs & Fixtures
  • Fabrication, Soldering & Welding
  • Antenna Design & Simulation
  • Miniaturization of Antennas
  • Channel Bandwidth Optimization
  • Antenna interaction with other components
  • Antenna Prototyping
  • Antenna Testing
  • Electro-statics & Electro-dynamics
  • Magneto-statics and Magneto-dynamics
  • Eddy Current
  • Magnetics Transient
  • AC & DC Conduction
  • All types of Electro-magnetic Machines, Motors Design, Validation and Verification
  • Analog and Digital Chip Design
  • Digital ASIC/ SOC Design & Verification
  • Custom Analog/ Mixed Signal Design and Verification
  • Design & Analysis using Cadence Tools
  • Fundamentals of Circuits and Simulation
  • PCB Design & Prototyping
  • EMI / EMC, SI, PI, Thermal issues
  • Design, Analysis & Manufacturing Technologies
  • Special Machines Drives Design & Analysis
  • VFDs, IGBTs, Stacks Design & Manufacturing
  • Alternative Energy Solution
  • Electrical Machine Design
  • Machines Controls Design & Analysis
  • Electro-statics & Electro-dynamics
  • Magneto-statics and Magneto-dynamics
  • Conducted Emission
  • Near & Far Field Emissions
  • SI, PI, EMI / EMC
  • Electronics Circuit Cooling


  • Power Efficiency
  • Signal and Power Integrity Analysis
  • Wireless Power Delivery

Sensors & Communication

  • EMI / EMC Compliance
  • Antenna Design & Integration
  • MEMS and RFID Design

Embedded Software

  • Model-Based Design & Simulation
  • Control System Design
  • Certified Code Generation
  • Strength Analysis
  • Vibration and Drop Testing
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Thermal Management
  • Conductive Heat transfer Analysis
  • Convective Heat transfer Analysis
  • Radiation Analysis
  • UPS Cooling Solution
  • IGBT Cooling Solution
  • Micro channel cooling solutions
  • Low cost thermal management or LED
  • Thermal Analysis on IC on PCB
  • Card Level Thermal Management
  • Radiation Analysis
  • Acoustics
  • Vibrational Analysis