Heavy Engineering & Manufacturing

The Heavy Engineering industry has its own set of challenges due to the size of products involved and scale of operations. Customers expect the highest level of accuracy and reliability because of the enormous cost involved, high lead time required, and no physical testing is possible. The biggest challenge faced by the Heavy Engineering industry is reducing the product development cycle. This demands continuous development and upgradations of products to distinguish it from the competition and gain the first mover advantage in the competitive market.

We not only empower our clients to achieve a competitive edge but also help in increasing their market share with the help of world-class Engineering Services and Solutions. We specialize in Engineering Design, Product Design & Development, Value Analysis & Value Engineering, Value Analysis, Engineering Analysis, and Automation Services. Our technical expertise helps us provide you customized solutions which are essential to fulfil your requirements.

Our Off-road - Mining / Earthmoving / Agriculture / Forestry Equipment Design & Development Expertise

We help our client in their design, engineer as well as validate future ready mining and earthmoving equipment. Our deep domain knowledge, global footprint, and proven engineering potential enable us to deliver innovative and functionally relevant solutions to our heavy engineering clients. We help global manufacturers steer efficiency throughout their product development cycle.

Our team includes specialists in mechanical engineering, product design, electrical and embedded design, control systems, hydraulics, and powertrain. We have worked on an extensive array of products that includes earthmoving and mining equipment. Combining our unique engineering and design skills and enabling tools we provide time and cost-effective solutions to our clients.

Our Design & Development Expertise in Steel and Metal Processing Equipment

We leverage our wide industry knowledge and experience to offer detailed designs for steel processing equipment and other applications within heavy engineering. We use a sophisticated range of tools to prepare 3D models and detailed drawings to make sure products can be manufactured efficiently and provide exceptional performance in service.

Augment collaboration strategies

Accelerate the effectiveness of a conference, augmenting face-to-face communication with VR/AR/MR/IR services. Holograms of co-workers, clients or employers present at a scheduled meeting can significantly reduce expenses on business trips, orchestrate cooperation strategies and engage workers.

Our team performs finite element analysis, assesses thermal performance and evaluates how the equipment withstands stress and strain of the extreme conditions found in a heavy industry environment. We can transform your concepts into innovative and practical solutions right from idea generation to detailed drawings and complete set of plans.

Our Design & Development Expertise in Ship building and Marine Application

We have been designing ships and shipbuilding applications for world’s leading boat designers and shipbuilders. We help develop safer, high-performing and cost optimized vessels. We apply our simulation technology and consulting organization to help naval architects address complex challenges in marine application designing.

We also help mitigate environmental risks associated with seagoing loads which include dynamic, structural, hydro, fatigue and thermal threats. We help clients reduce the total manufacturing cost and meet the stringent design and operational regulations with our vessel safety tailored solutions.

Our Design & Development Expertise in Manufacturing, Manufacturing Support Applications

Our manufacturing services are divided into three categories viz. Production engineering, Quality Documentation, & Supply Chain. Our production engineering services are mainly concentrating on digital manufacturing and process engineering for both Assembly & Manufacturing. Our quality engineering services would include quality certification support and documentation. And, our supply chain services mainly include on-line throughput optimization, value stream mapping, pull system and should costing.

We lead as a Manufacturing System Integrator Company having several Associates in Manufacturing & Fabrication to support its clients across US, Europe, Asia, Far & Middle East. Our Manufacturing Capability Includes - Rapid Prototyping, NC Programming, PLC, SCADA, Robotic Programming, Part/Component Manufacturing, Tool and Die Manufacturing, Jigs & Fixture Manufacturing, Casting Manufacturing, Forging Manufacturing, Sheet Metal Manufacturing, Plastic Part Manufacturing, Assembly Manufacturing, Subsystem & System Manufacturing, Mechanical, Hydraulic, Electrical & Electronic System Manufacturing.

It is our policy to design, manufacture and supply products in compliance with the customer needs and to relevant national and International specification. To ensure this we will continuously improve our products and services through constant evaluation, inspection and verification process at all stages of manufacturing by implementing a quality improvement. We possess several quality expertise and follow the standard processes such as Qualified Welders as per ASME Sec-IX, Qualified by DNV, NDT Testing by ASNT Level-II Quality inspectors, System cleanliness maintained as per NAS-9, Quality management system audit and approved by DNV, Control panels for Testing instrumentation, Hydro pressure and Pneumatic testing facilities, Piping Welding as per ASME B31.1, Calibrated paint quality testing instruments. And, we are also well conversant with ASME, ASTM, ISO, DIN, DIN EN, EN & Other Standards.

Our Domain expertise is

  • Construction Equipment
  • Agricultural & Forestry Equipment
  • Mining and Material Handling Equipment
  • Industrial equipment and commercial vehicles
  • Commercial Vehicles – Trucks & Buses
  • Manufacturing of Component, Sub-system and Systems

Product innovation and performance enhancement expertise

  • Expertise to meet/reduced emission to meet stringent laws
  • Expertise on shortening lead time and design cycle
  • Expertise on aggressive cost reduction through VAVE ownership model
  • Manufacturing support on line development, production planning and product quality planning

Service offerings

  • Conceptual development of structures
  • Detailed design of large structures as per standards and codes like ASME
  • Design of joints/fabrication process and manufacturing engineering support
  • Preparation of intermediate BOM for procurement
  • Design of jigs/fixture and special working holding devices for large fabrication
  • Assembly sequence animation and CBT's
  • Generation of General Arrangement (GA), fabrication, manufacturing drawings and BOM
  • Interior Head Impact
  • Head Restraints
  • Seat Mounting Strength
  • Frontal Pendulum Impact
  • Roof crush / Roof Strength
  • Static Bus Rollover
  • ROPS / FOPS/OPG Analysis
  • ALE simulation
  • Durability and NVH Simulation
  • Optimization Study
  • Validation of large structures as per standard code calculations
  • Analysis of large structures for Wind, Snow and Seismic loading conditions
  • Large Fluid Structural analysis
  • Weight reduction and optimization for structures
  • Weld joint analysis
  • Modal, Fatigue and Durability analysis
  • Failure mode analysis and what-if scenarios
  • Static, buckling, non-linear, dynamic, impact, explosive, thermal and other applicable analysis
  • Calculation of safety compliance of structures for codes like ASME, DIN, EN etc
  • Analysis for transportation loads and lifting conditions
  • Analysis of vacuum and pressure vessels