Engineering Software Development

Software development and existing software customization has become a key business characteristic for the commercial success of large software platforms. A good development/customization of software applications requires a thoroughly understanding of customer needs, requirements and expectations. In order to maximize the value-to-customer, software applications have to be developed/customized to the specific customer needs. Customized Application Development allows customers to get exactly what they need and how they need.

Software application development and customization services ensure that your software systems support and optimize the way your company works, automating laborious processes, which are critical to product quality, but heavy on resources. If you require manual and repetitive tasks to be carried out alongside, or in between, software-driven processes, the right product customization services could quickly pay for themselves. We help our clients to:

  • Get the most out of their investments
  • Improve productivity and shorten project times
  • Align their systems with in-house quality processes or design rules
  • Improve inter-departmental working or global collaboration

We have got in-depth experience on the customized engineering software development on various platforms. We follow principles and values of agile software development and our technique compresses of five sequences of conventional software development method - called waterfall method - to a one-week cycle. It manages to do this by developing a system through repeated cycles (iterative) and in smaller portions (incremental), allowing developers to test and review during development. Speed, lower cost, and flexibility are key benefits.

We provide specialized services for PLM customization and data migration helping clients to overcome the challenges that arise due to diversification in adopted technologies, upgraded PLM systems or induction of a new PLM system. We develop tools to migrate and map legacy data between different PLM systems effectively & smoothly without affecting the end users.

Our consulting approach works by assessing the existing CAD & Non-CAD data and evaluating the relationships between flat file folders/assemblies/parts & attributes. This technique provides the required analysis to the end user detailing the status of the data before starting any customization or migration process. Based on this analysis, we recommend, develop and implement a client specific PLM customization/migration process.

Our highly reliable migration process ensures elimination of duplicate data, fixing of issues with CAD/Non-CAD data, optimal meta data mapping, copying files to PLM Vault and importing meta data into target PLM. Our migration process also ensures that the object relationships & their attributes are maintained.

We develop PLM exporters in-house to export data from the source PLM system, and then the middle layer maps the data with target PLM system. At the end, either we develop importers for target PLM system or use batch loaders of the target PLM systems. We also have the expertise to create extensive test suites to ensure all relationships and attribute mappings are accomplished as expected.

The benefits realized by end users are - smooth migration without affecting the end users, flexible migration process, customized as per the requirement, significant reduction in PLM migration time, enhanced engineering productivity/efficiency

Service offerings

implementation of accurate software selection, case by case, in order to identify the best tool to support the development process of a product of the customer company.

maintenance of PDM/PLM systems in remote mode and on site. Management of several operational and corrective issues, through the regulation of the service according to a service level agreement able to satisfy the customer’s needs.

supporting the customer during the phase of the evaluation of the investment of a PLM project.

consulting to identify and asses the efficiency of the development process of a new product.

implementation customized of PLM technologies through software configuration and development.

in order to achieve the perfect interaction among software systems, in particular, CAD/PLM interfaces ERP/PLM, legacy/PLM systems

development of software for new physics, new technology, & new process

customization of existing software for ease of operations, time reduction in problem setting & post processing,